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Solicitor's Permit Application

  1. Time Limit
    9 a.m. to Dusk Only
  2. Non-Refundable Application Fee
  3. Background Check Consent
    I hereby give consent to have my background searched. A background search may include, but not be limited to a criminal history inquiry, employment records, credit records and other pertinent information. I understand that I must provide my full name, date of birth, driver’s license number and a copy of the license, and any alias or other name(s) I have been known by. I understand that this search will be conducted prior to the issuance of a solicitors permit.
  4. Applicant Information
  5. Felony Convictions
    Have you ever been convicted, even if expunged, of a felony or of any offense involving violence or threats of violence, possession or use of weapons, theft, fraud or sexual misconduct? If you answered yes, give details below. Include charges, dates and places of convictions and whether you are currently on probation, parole or any other form of supervision.
  6. Vehicle Information
  7. Business Information
  8. Owner/Manager Authorization
    I, owner/manager of the business do hereby authorize the applicant to represent the company in conducting business.
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