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City Park

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  1. ADA Accessible
  2. Baseball / Softball Diamond
  3. Basketball Court
  4. Concession Area
  5. Parking
  6. Picnic Shelters
  7. Picnic Tables
  8. Playground
  9. Restrooms

City Park covers several acres in the center of town on the north side of Ross. The park features the original windmill for the Town of Clearwater which has been refurbished. The expansive park is bordered by the City's water tower, located at the east edge of the park.


City Park includes three sets of playground equipment for different ages, three new picnic shelters, a small family picnic shelter built by the Lions Club, a baseball field and basketball court, and three off-street parking lots.

Shelter House Reservations

The City Park Shelter House may be reserved for family gatherings, birthday parties, meetings, and picnics. No alcohol or any glass bottles are allowed at the City Park.

To check availability and reserve the Park Shelter/Shelters you may check the Shelter Reservation Page.

City Park Baseball Field Reservation

To make a reservation for the City Park baseball field please do so through our City baseball field reservation

In 2021 the Governing Body approved the new site plan for the city park shelters presented by the Park Advisory Board.

The design includes 3 new 20’ x 40’ Timber structures from Clydesdale Frames Co.