Can I obtain an extension for first appearance or payment?

By court rules, a defendant can request an extension of his first appearance from the Court Clerk; however, this is dependent upon the type of ticket you have received. On some misdemeanor charges, the court prefers not to continue. On infraction charges, an extension must be requested to the Court Clerk before 3 p.m. on the date of appearance and can be extended to the next court date.

Further extensions or continuances may be granted depending on the necessity for such extension, but must be agreed upon by the City Prosecutor and/or approved by the Judge. If you are scheduled on the Pay or Appear docket and cannot make payment, you are required to come before the Court to request additional time to pay. Under extenuating circumstances, the Court may allow an extension of your appearance, but you must contact the Court Clerk prior to court so that approval from the Judge can be obtained.

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