Sign Regulations and Permits


It shall be unlawful for any person to erect, move, alter, change, repair, place, suspend, or to cause or permit to be erected, moved, altered, changed, repaired, placed, suspended, or attached any sign in violation of this chapter and this article.


It shall be unlawful for any person or persons to fasten, paste, place, post, paint, or attach in any way any sign, handbill, poster, advertisement, or notice of any kind or sort, whether political or otherwise, or to cause the same to be done, in or upon any curbstone, lamp post, telephone, telegraph, or electric light pole, tree, or bridge. It shall be unlawful to paste, place, paint, or attach any sign on any building, street, or property of the city; provided, however, that any property owner or the occupant of any property abutting on any public street in the city or county may paint or stamp the address of such property upon the curbing directly in front of the building or to have same painted thereon, subject to approval by the building official.


Billboards are defined as signs advertising products or services other than those available on the premises and which have an area of 300 square feet or more per face. Billboards shall not be permitted under these sign regulations in any city zones.


A permit shall be required for the erection, construction, or alteration of any sign in the Clearwater Zoning Jurisdiction.


Application for permits by other than the property owner shall be accompanied, in each instance, by either a letter authorizing the placement of a sign on the land or building, signed by the owner or his duly authorized agent, or accompanied by a lease showing the right of the applicant. Such application shall conform to the regulations herein provided, and no signboard shall be erected or painted on any area until the application is acted upon and granted.


A charge in accordance with a schedule of fees determined by the governing body shall be made for each permit granted.


If a sign, for which a permit is granted, is not erected within 60 days from the date of the permit, the permit shall, unless renewed, become void.


Advertising painted or placed on a structure shall be deemed subject to these regulations if permanent and over eight square feet in area.


All signs shall be constructed, located, and placed in accordance with local ordinances and the laws of the state.


Permits, except for permits for temporary signs, are issued for the life of the sign so long as it is kept in good condition, and changing conditions do not make it a hazard or undesirable to adjoining property owners. In such case, the city may direct its removal.


Permits for temporary signs shall be issued for up to 30 days plus one renewal for a total of 60 days maximum per year.

Permit Applications