Vacation Watch Form

Heading out of town? Print and drop off the vacation watch form (PDF) with the Clearwater Police. This helps officers on patrol to identify residences that are vacant and keep a watchful eye on your property. Other tips to keep you safe include have your mail, newspapers, and packages held or picked up by someone you trust, use timers on all lights while gone, and have deliveries made to your work address so packages are not left during the day.

Citizens Report Form

Use the citizen report form (PDF) to let us know of anything you witnessed in regards to police performance.

Returned Check Notice

This is a recommended form (PDF) of notice to be sent to the drawer or maker of the check(s) in cases involving checks returned for “Insufficient Funds” or “Account Closed”.

Professional Standards Incident Report Form

The Clearwater Police Department endeavors to impartially adjudicate complaints involving its employees. To expedite this process and gather the facts involved as accurately as possible, you are asked to provide a written statement regarding your complaint. On this form (PDF) specifically identify the basis for your complaint and provide as much detail as possible concerning the incident. Keep a copy for your records and return the original in the envelope provided within 10 days.

Upon receipt of your statement, the Clearwater Police Department acknowledges it will investigate the complaint to the fullest extent possible. Failure to complete and return the form as prescribed may result in dismissal of your complaint.