Licenses & Permits

Contractor's Licenses

Please contact Sedgwick County Code Enforcement at 316-660-1840 or visit their website to acquire a contractor's license.

Drinking Establishment License

To acquire a drinking establishment license, contact City Hall at 620-584-2311.

Occupational/Solicitor's Permit

To acquire an occupational/solicitor's permit, use our online form. Contact City Hall at 620-584-2311 if you have questions.

Fireworks Sales Permit

Apply for a fireworks sales permit online.

Special Event Permit

Submit an application for a special event permit online.

Sign Placement on Public Property

In accordance with Chapter 38 Article III of the Clearwater Municipal Code it is unlawful for any person or persons to place any sign on public property without approval of the Building Official (City Administrator).

  • If a person or persons wish to place a sign(s) on public property, they must submit a written request to the Building Official (City Administrator), stating the quantity of signs, size, location(s), and dates the signs will be up (may not exceed 21 days).
  • The City Administrator will:
    1. Review the locations to make sure it is on public property and the signs will not impede traffic. 
    2. Determine if the advertisement is for a community event and/or a non-profit organization. 
      • Commercial advertisement will not be considered unless it is conjunction with a community event sponsorship.
  • Determine if the advertisement will exceed a 21-day period.
    1. Advertisements longer than 21-day period should be permitted by exception only.
  • If the sign(s) meet all the guidelines, then the City Administrator can sign the request and send it back to the requestor. The City Clerk will file the approval and keep the requests for up to 7 years. 
  • If the sign(s) do not meet all the guidelines, the City Administrator shall reject the request, providing the reason(s) for the rejection.