History of Clearwater EMS

In 1969, Webb's Mortuary came before the City Council and advised them that they were no longer able to provide transportation of sick and injured patients to the hospital. The Clearwater Volunteer Fire Department stepped up and took over the services that Webb Mortuary previously provided to the citizens of Clearwater.

First Transportation, Equipment & Training Classes

The first transportation unit was a hearse that was donated by Webb's Mortuary. Some of the first equipment that was used in it was a first aid kit only containing bandages, oxygen bottles, and a Stephenson Resuscitator. In 1976, the Lions Club helped purchase a 1975 Chevrolet Van that was converted into an ambulance. The Fire Department and Emergency Medical Technicians did the interior work necessary to make it possible to transport patients to the hospital.

Originally, the Fire Department trained its personnel in basic first aid from the American Red Cross. In 1976, Conway Springs, Kansas, offered an 80-hour Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) class, which Marvin Schauf (current Fire Chief) and Roger Dawson (current Instructor/Coordinator for Clearwater EMS) attended. Roger Dawson then received training to become an Instructor/Coordinator and offered the first EMT class in Clearwater. All students had to pass a state approved written and practical test administered by the State of Kansas. After successfully completing the test, all attendants became certified EMTs and had to renew their certification annually.

New Transportation & Separation of Ambulance Service & Fire Department

The City purchased a 1980 Horton Modular Ambulance after the State of Kansas set certain specifications for emergency vehicles being used as ambulances. That same year, the City of Clearwater separated the Ambulance service from the Fire Department and is now known as the Clearwater EMS.

In 1996, the City of Clearwater purchased a 1996 McCoy Miller ambulance to replace the 1975 Chevrolet Van. This ambulance is now the backup unit for the 2006 Osage ambulance when it is out on a call or when there are no Paramedics available to run a call. The Clearwater 400 is the advanced life support unit and the Clearwater 401 is the basic lift support unit.

Currently Clearwater EMS has 19 volunteers ranging from Paramedic to EMT and provides advanced life support to the citizens of Clearwater and surrounding area.