Strategic Planning

Clearwater Begins a Strategic Planning Process

For the Governing Body (Mayor and Council), one of the most important challenges we face each year as we put together the budget is having that “forward looking” plan that we focus on. Over the past three years we have worked at looking at those factors that will impact Clearwater in the next 5 to 10 years so we can make the best decisions possible based on all the fact we have.

What I have learned is we have several pockets of individuals who have a passion for our future, be that growth, development, down town renovation, sports and recreation... We also have the basics of city infrastructure (streets, water, safety, Police, Fire, EMS, waste water, etc.), that we must plan for and keep at the forefront.

I’ve also realized that the Governing Body cannot adequately plan for the future in a vacuum. We need the involvement and input from the community. With this thought in mind, funds were budgeted last year to seek a 3rd party consulting group to help us. I am excited to announce we have made that selection and begun work with Wichita State University (Hugo Wall School of Public Affairs). We held our first kick-off meeting on Thursday, July 21.

This process will take about 6 months. It will involve gathering facts and input from the members of the City and from the community. To ensure success, we have put together a group of individuals who will serve as a “Steering Committee” and help guide the process from beginning to end. Their role will be to not only provide personal input but to reach out to different groups within the community so we can do our best to get “all points of view.” Then, the result will be brought back to the community and again look for feedback and input. The final step will be the creation of a “Plan” that will be used by the City in making future investments and strategic plans.

Our “Steering Committee”

  • Peggy Brockman
  • Jim Charles
  • Jennifer Clark
  • Gene Eason
  • Justin Givens
  • Bill Hisle
  • Bob Mellen
  • Ed Mikesell
  • Shirley Palmer-Witt
  • Pam Riggs
  • Becky Schivelbein
  • Shawn Weaver

You can expect some of these folks to ask you questions and provide you with information on what we are up to. I want to thank each of them in advance for their involvement and valuable help on this project.

I will do a monthly update as we work through the following stages:

  • Information Gathering (July to August)
  • Priority Identification (September to October)
  • Strategy and Action Development (November to December)
  • Plan Development (January to February)
  • Final Plan Presentation (March)


Burt Ussery, Mayor