City Administrator


The primary responsibilities of the City Administrator involve coordinating city resources and personnel to accommodate the needs of Clearwater residents, and carrying out policies adopted by Clearwater’s elected officials. Other duties include:

  • Direct, control and supervise all the administrative departments and services of the city;
  • Recommend to the mayor and council suitable persons to be hired or appointed to carry out the functions of the city and make recommendations for the termination of the employment or suspension of said employees when the city administrator deems such action necessary and appropriate;
  • Supervise, direct and assign the duties of all appointive officers and employees;
  • Prepare a proposed annual budget and submit the same to the city council prior to the time required for publication of the proposed budget and budget hearings to be conducted by the city council;
  • Inform the city council, at least monthly, of the financial condition of the city and its budget status;
  • Exercise general supervision and control over all city purchases and expenditures within budgetary limitations and recommend purchasing policies to the city council;
  • Recommend to the city council a schedule of salaries for all officers and employees;
  • Maintain an inventory of and supervise the care and management of all city-owned property and equipment;
  • Assist the planning commission in the development and preparation of short-range and long-range planning and convey the recommendations of the planning commission to the city council for action;
  • Attend, insofar as possible, all meetings of the city council and its subordinate planning commissions and boards and regularly report the status of the city to the planning commissions, boards and the city council;
  • Ascertain available federal and state programs and advise the city council as to possible grants or other benefits of the programs and prepare and submit applications for such grants and benefits as the city council may direct;
  • Make such recommendations to the city council as the administrator deems necessary for the most effective and efficient administration of all city departments and the provision of maximum benefit to the citizens of the city for the services rendered;
  • Perform such other duties as the city council may direct.